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Classy Live Wallpaper

0.99 usd

Very stylish and fully customisable classy animated live wallpaper. 18 different presets with sweet 3D OpenGL light effects :+ Carbon fiber+ Crop circles+ Gold sheet+ Chocolate tablet+ Leather+ Rusty metal+ Brushed aluminium+ Metallic paint+ Racing tire+ Rain drops+ Electronic board+ Freebox+ Universe Equation+ Puffy Clouds+ Zombie Food+ Ceramic Armor+ Sand Waves+ Old Wood
Many parameters and options : + light animation (gyroscopic sensor or automatic)+ light color and intensity + object color and shininess+ zoom in / out+ random settings
UPDATE 1.6+ Very nice "Old Wood" background replacing "Obelix"+ Automatic mipmap activation
Info : If you have CLW 1.5 or lower installed, please delete application data (Parameters > Applications > CLW) to have clean preferences.
UPDATE 1.5+ New great random settings feature+ Crash fix on high-resolution devices (Nexus 7, HTC One X, LG Optimus etc.)+ 4 new background presets+ Smooth graphics option for low-resolution devices
UPDATE 1.4+ New great Zoom feature to make wallpaper bigger or smaller+ Minor changes in menus and presets
UPDATE 1.3+ Better performance and fluidity+ 3 new bakcground presets

Please make sure your device supports live wallpapers before downloading.
This wallpaper installs itselft on external storage (sd card...).
Comments appreciated, send me your suggestions (email). Enjoy :-)